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Dr. Duncan Brown

Dr. Duncan Brown

October 4, 2019 - Cleveland Botanical Gardens

Thrive, not just survive, in today’s Orthodontic Marketplace

Orthodontics is in “crisis”.

Orthodontists from all over the world are experiencing pressures related to fewer patients seeking their services, increased pressure from PCD providers in competing for patients within the existing markets, the “commoditization” of Orthodontics in the public’s imagination, the expansion of corporate practices, and attempt by companies that produce Aligners to establish themselves as the “gatekeepers” for orthodontic patients. These pressures have been so significant as to cause many to question the “relevance” of Orthodontics in today’s dental environment. Today we will explore strategies that will enable motivated Orthodontists to create and then dominate the esthetic marketplace, while exceeding patient expectations, and differentiating themselves among providers of orthodontic services. 

The “golden age” of Orthodontics is just ahead of us!


Dr. Duncan Brown has practiced Orthodontics for 43 years, in Calgary, with offices in Calgary, Canmore and Okotoks.

Passive Self-Ligation is a broadly recognized tool in Orthodontics.  Dr. Brown is fortunate enough to have been asked to teach these concepts and techniques broadly in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa.  Dr. Brown is an associate clinical professor at the University of Alberta, and served as a guest lecturer at University of Manitoba, University of British Columbia, and University of Western Ontario.  Dr. Brown is co-author of "The Protocol", a broadly circulated publication on the subject of pasisve self-ligation.

Dr. Brown has served as a consultant for P&G, Carestream Dental, G&H Wires, Ormco, and OC Orthodontics.  He presents as an associate clinical professor at the University of Alberta.


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Meeting Agenda

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Continuing Education

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