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Doug Riggs

Doug Riggs

April 12, 2019 - Double Tree by Hilton

Handling Crucial Conversations
in Real Time and on
Social Media

Communication makes or breaks a business or a career.  Technical expertise establishes one’s viability, but communication legitimizes one’s credibility.  More and more business are finding a need to focus on “soft skills” (actually strategic skills) to solve problems, develop relationships with patients and customers, and expand their sphere of influence.


On April 12, 2019 communication expert Doug Riggs, PhD will guide us through principles of navigating crucial conversations.  He will focus on the basics of communication and build to the intricate skills of handling situations when the stakes are high, opinions differ, and emotions threaten to wreck relationships.  These situations may apply to patients, staff, and future clientele. 


Communication in a modern world also involves the tools of social media.  Orthodontic practices can harness this newer medium to build their client base, manage their online reputation, and do it for a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing.  Half the world’s population is under 30, and 93% of buying decisions are influenced by social media.  Where do our clients (present and future) communicate?  We must meet them on their own turf.  Dr. Riggs will guide us through the basic tools of social media marketing from strategy to tactics, including giving an overview of best practices in the orthodontic world.



Dr. Doug Riggs has been practicing the art of communication for four decades.  He spent nearly 25 years as a senior pastor before turning his attention to leadership and communication development.  He has been the featured speaker/lecturer in 49 states, the Caribbean, and Canada.  As an executive coach, he helps people at all levels (from CEOs to managers) become more effective at what they do.  For the past year he has focused specifically on a start-up tech company (education-focused) to develop young leaders through the role of training and development.  His informal title is “consigliere.” 


Doug is a student of human behavior and interaction.  Whether communicating in person or through mediums such as social media, he has keen insight into the principles that lead to success.  Combined with his business sense, Doug helps organizations develop a strategy to grow as well as provide superior customer service to their clients. 


Some of his favorite comments from those who have evaluated his teaching style include, “He is the Michael Jordan of trainers,” and “Doug can raise the dead.”  While he makes no promises to dunk a basketball or perform miracles, you will find him to be engaging, witty, and effective.

Biographical Sketch coming soon.


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